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Shipping Instructions – Production Materials

Cessna Receiving Requirements

  1. Cessna Aircraft Purchase Order Number must be listed on all shipping documents including the Packing List, Bills of Lading, Air Way Bills, and Delivery Receipts.
  2. One copy of the Packing List must be on the outside of the container.
  3. Cessna Aircraft Part Number and correct PO line item number must be listed on the Packing List.
  4. In the absence of instructions to the contrary, all items being shipped on the same day to the same Cessna Aircraft delivery address must be consolidated onto one Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill.
  5. Place only "1" Cessna Aircraft Part Number or PO Line Item in each container.
  6. Consolidate each Cessna Aircraft Part Number or PO Line Item into a single container wherever possible.
  7. Do not use Packing Peanuts. Other packing resources that can be used are sheet foam, expandable foam, bubble wrap, etc.
  8. Use Screws in Wood Container Lids. Please do not use Nails or Staples as it takes considerably more time to open in Receiving and causes injuries to Receiving Personnel.
  9. If parts are wrapped, the Cessna Aircraft Part Number and Serial Number must be legibly indicated on the outside of the wrapping.
  10. Carrier Routing Instructions must be utilized and can be located at
  11. All shipments are to be billed Freight Collect to Cessna Aircraft and shipped via Routed Carrier.
  12. Suppliers using ESIS to receive their orders from Cessna are required to barcode all shipments. The methodology and requirements can be found on the Cessna Support Section or Barcode/Shipping Requirements under the General Information section of the ESIS website.
  13. Suppliers using ESIS must ensure barcode formats comply with ESIS requirements or they cannot be read upon receipt at Cessna. Please refer to "Barcode/Shipping Requirements" documents on ESIS HOM Learning Center for the exact requirements.

ASN SPECIFICS – For Suppliers Using the ASN Process Currently or plan to in 2012

  1. When creating the ASN, Cessna Aircraft Part Number, Serial Number, and correct PO line item number must be listed on the Packing List.
  2. Ensure there is a 4-way match of data between the Purchase Order, the packing slip, the ASN, and the actual shipment. This includes a match for quantity shipped, PO number, line item number, ship-to address, and unit of measure prior to shipment to Cessna Aircraft Company.
  3. Local suppliers or those suppliers sending shipments via supplier truck should input the packing list number into the tracking number field on the ASN to allow for Cessna buyer/receiving tracking of shipments. The letters "VPS" should preface the packing slip number. (ex. VPS12345)
  4. ASN label(sticker)
    1. 0 of X must be attached to the packing list (please ensure that you affix the sticker to the packing list – do not print another piece of paper and staple it).
    2. The remaining labels(stickers) printed must be attached to the box(es) being shipped.
  5. To facilitate coordination and inclusion of all documentation pertaining to the shipment, the Shipping Checklist should be attached to the packing list.

If you have questions concerning Receiving Standards listed above please contact Cessna Traffic at 316-517-8136 or send email to Cessna Traffic