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Advance Copy - November 2019

Monday, November 18th 2019

The following specification is being submitted in Advance Copy:

Specification:  TP1106     Revision:  -     Title:  Heat Treatment of AMS 5898 Corrosion Resistant Steel

Comments and/or approvals are due

no later than December 13, 2019.

Please submit all comments by submitting an email with the specification number and revision in the subject line to  If comments or approvals are not received by the required date, approval of the advance copy will be implied.

Review the intent of a new or revised specification and make recommendations for any pertinent information that would need to be incorporated with regard to the specific area of process.  If there is a time factor for incorporation of any new material or process, a suggested effectivity date for your area's compliance should be noted.

If you need a copy the spec(s), please make a self-service request thru
If you do not have access to, please email me at with the following information: