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Advance Copy - February 2020

Thursday, February 13th 2020

The following specification is being submitted in Advance Copy:

Specification:  TP1601     Revision:  A     Title:  HARDNESS TESTING OF METALS
Specification:  CSFS001     Revision:  AE     Title:  FINISH CODES - COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT
Specification:  BS25575     Revision:  6     Title:  Cold Shrink-Heat Expansion Assembly of Parts
Specification:  CSAM014     Revision:  Q     Title:  HEAT TREATMENT AND SURFACE HARDENING OF STEELS
Specification:  CSFS083     Revision:  D     Title:  ANTI-STATIC COATINGS - APPLICATION
Specification:  CSMP004     Revision:  P     Title:  HEAT TREATMENT AND SURFACE HARDENING OF STEELS
Specification:  PPI-500-45-029     Revision:  B     Title:  SOFT SWADE URETHANE COATING SOFT TOUCH URETHANE FINISH PROCESS I
Specification:  PPI-500-45-066     Revision:  -     Title:  UV FINISH PROCESS I
Specification:  PPI-500-45-068     Revision:  -     Title:  STAINING, TONING AND TIE COATING GUIDELINES

Comments and/or approvals are due no later than March 13, 2020.

Please submit all comments by submitting an email with the specification number and revision in the subject line to  If comments or approvals are not received by the required date, approval of the advance copy will be implied.

Review the intent of a new or revised specification and make recommendations for any pertinent information that would need to be incorporated with regard to the specific area of process.  If there is a time factor for incorporation of any new material or process, a suggested effectivity date for your area's compliance should be noted.

If you need a copy of the spec(s), please make a request through your buyer.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.